We are all rescues.

Onyx's Dream is a Non-Profit 501 (c)(3) located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, in Forest, Virginia. Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome animals, specializing in severe medical cases. We strive to educate and inspire the public about animal welfare.


"Casey and her love for animals is unmatched. She has the biggest heart and is an incredible trainer! We are the proud owners of Napoleon (mini horse) and Pedro (donkey) thanks to this organization. They are such loving animals that were headed to slaughter when Casey saved and rehabilitated them. We’re forever grateful to her and Onyx’s dream for adding to our family."

Sarah Pettit



Rescuing comes from several avenues. We receive tips from Facebook, Instagram and Craigslist. We attend livestock auctions, pull from kill pens and work with Animal Control Officers. All animals do not necessarily need rescuing. We can assist basic necessities, training or rehoming when resources are available. Our number one goal is to keep animals safe.


There is no timeline. Some animals leave in two weeks, some stay forever. Their psychological and physical trauma are our top priority and finding their perfect homes take time. Here, we try to allow the animal to assimilate and then return to their most natural state (within limits of course) during this process. We also focus on exposing them to as many things as we can allowing us to gage their personalities to find their perfect match when it comes time to rehome. This is expensive. Donations come quick for purchase price, however, rehabilitation costs can mount very quickly and limit our ability to rescue until funds are replenished.


Rehoming is always bittersweet for us. You can guarantee we will cry. Sometimes, our children do as well. Although it a loss to us, to see these animals thrive in their new homes is what feeds our souls. We are extremely thorough in this process and we focus on responsible rescuing. We also offer and live by our right to first refusal. Meaning, we will buy back any animal rehome at anytime to ensure their safety. Starting now, all of our animals will be microchipped. Just a small step that will offer us and the new owners peace of mind.