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Welcome to Onyx’s Dream! Here is our story....
When I saw Onyx’s picture circulating the rescue groups facebook pages I was destroyed. He looked sad, confused and hopeless. I’ve felt that in my own life. Felt like I wasn’t worth the fight. But also, that no one would fight for me. I asked Joe if I could bid, he had decided the medical bills would be extreme.
Against his wishes, I had a bidder at the auction (I was driving and missed the cut off to receive a number). Texting with the bidder and Lawrence of Glue Factory Renegades awaiting him entering the ring, I fell asleep. I woke up at 5:43 and panicked, how did I let him down? Onyx entered the ring and was bid on and bought. As I begun digging deeper and reaching out to anyone including the auction house it became apparent. The buyer purchased him by mistake, and didn’t want him. I was offered to pay the $226 and retrieve him. You bet your happy ass I did. Lawrence was out of town but would transport him to the hospital as soon as possible.
The phone rang and he told me don’t look at the pictures, that he needed me to give verbal and written consent that he could take him. Further, he wanted me to call Outlaw Equine and decide how to proceed. Onyx was dying. I phoned the vet immediately and asked the vet who saw him to call so that we may develop a treatment plan. This unhandled stallion stepped on board for his freedom ride. Unfortunately, Onyx was scared and didn’t cooperate. Euthanasia was the best option.
Once in my life, I was Onyx, broken, lost and felt so alone. I’ve never been suicidal or even had that thought, but a loneliness and lack of all self esteem. People loved me so hard, so well, I came back to life.
I saw that in Onyx’s eyes and put a $5k deposit and he went to surgery. The medically resistant ecoli was in the joint and boy was the ICU unit and bandage changes tough. But he fought. And fought and fought. He stepped down to quarantine with Lawrence and Anya. He loves them. They earned the right and named him Onyx’s Dream. He is a gem. When he arrived, he knew instantly who I was. This wild stallion knew what I did and to this day, that’s my boy.
He’s not out of the woods by far and will shock me, scare me and love me in the same minute. We take day by day. I found healing in myself watching him fight and recover. Then I thought, why not? How many more out there feel that way? God says be a fisher of men, but what of animals? Aren’t we all God’s creations?
Onyx’s Dream Inc. (once official) will begin under this pretense. God is our savior, we are all rescues. Onyx taught me that!
We will continue to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome every animal we can. Focusing on acute cases here on the farm. We need the support of our family, friends and community. May you visit us, our animals, our home. May you feel the love and restoration. May our Heavenly Father grant you all health and happiness.
Casey O’Connor Spagnolo