Melt Your Heart Success Stories


Pedro and Napoleon were first here on the farm! They came from a local kill buyer and they needed time. They did not know what a barn was or how to use it! NOW, well you can see for yourself :) they live their best lives.

Ezra was purchased from Lone Star Kill Pen in Texas and transported by Lawrence....he was sick with shipping fever but did not require much medical rehabilitation. He lives out his days with our treasurer Jenna Sellers.

Hope! Boy can this girl snag your heart in second. Lisa and Joe, two of our board members picked this gal up from Louisa, Fountain Hill Kill Pen. She was "bailed" by Tory Ketchum and Tess Kiritsy. Lisa and Joe debrided Hope's wounded leg at the pen and safely transported her home. She required significant medical rehab, yet her disposition remained gentle and kind. She currently lives in NH with her new Mom and Dad and sister, Dixie!