Melt Your Heart Success Stories


JOY! She lives up to her name! She was humiliated with her auction sticker located directly in between her eyes. I couldn't stand it. Easiest rehabilitation to date! She is a diamond and treasured by her family in New Hampshire. We miss her but are beyond grateful for the opportunity to have played such a small role in her life.

The DONALD. Are you serious. He is remarkable. We rescued him when his owner's feel ill. He was the official greeter of the farm. A neighbor fell in love and asked if he could move.....Since that is what we do, he did. We see him often and he LOVES guarding the goats and lives with alpaca family members. We love you bud!

Velma and Daphne! Well these two heartbreakers came to the farm for a short amount of time before heading to Rising Starr Horse Rescue for some training. They turned out to be the best kissing booth ladies around. I know whatever is in store next for them will be grand, there next stop is the Hampton Classic!