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If You Stand for Nothing, You Fall for Everything.....

The limbo of life, finding purpose. It's true, I never thought I would end up here. I worked so hard in graduate school obtaining a degree in Clinical Mental Health, why? I am not sure I have that answer yet....however, I know I have purpose. Part of me was afraid to stand up for them, what does it mean for everyday life, work, kids even cooking. It would mean really awkward conversations, advocating, losing family and friends, even the topic of ridicule. How could I not? How could I decide what animals it was fair to slaughter and eat? I let them change me, and I am so glad I did. I've learned a lot in my time of living and had the opportunity to live an amazing life. Military, helping rehabilitate my daughter from multiple brain surgeries to being a single Mom on food stamps. I remember feeling sick to my stomach one day while making lamb. And I googled a video of a baby lamb being murdered. That was all I needed. I took the plunge to stand for all of them. For the weak, the oppressed, the less fortunate the feeble and poor. People and animals alike. Does my family eat meat, yes. Do they eat vegan, yes! I pray often that Yahweh changes their heart, that is not my battle to fight. It is my duty to live a life as such modeling the behavior and being who I desire they be. Meaning, the only thing I can change is me. The same goes for all us. Be the change, less talking, more doing. For Olaf. For Sven.

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